Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peter, Peter...Pumpkin Eater.

It's about that time of year-- and I haven't posted since August. Well let me update everyone on what's going on ;) {slash- document this for journaling sake}
During August we:
  • Went River Rafting with the Dudley Family. We put in at the Gorge and floated down to Little Hole- like usual. Justin and me, my parents and my uncles little family camped on the mountain to make a weekend out of it. The rest of the family met us up there. It was a great time.
  • The 10th and 11th we played in a Softball tournament in Duchesne. It was cold and windy and rainy. We played from like 6pm on a Friday until 6 am Saturday. We were worn out! That was the first time in a long time I was so tired driving that I don't remember actually making it home. Scary!
  • Then the 17th and 18th, I went to SLC to go shopping and checked out some cars. I ate some yummy food, and bought some boots for (then- the upcoming) Fall months.
  • The weekend of the 24th and 25th Justin and I and 2 of Justin's friends went to Denver to watch a Bronco's game. My awesome boss gave us tickets. It was a pre-season game, but still really fun to go watch. While we were there, we traded in my older Acura for a new Acura. I love love it!

  • 1st I went Hauling wood with my parents. It sounds crazy, but it's something I look forward to every year. It's such rewarding, good hard work for a good reason and I love it. I get to spend time with my family in the beautiful mountains and we work hard and always have good food. Sometimes it just doesn't get better than that.
  • Within the next week sometime, we got our house listed For Sale By Owner. Scary Exciting businesses right there.
  • The next weeks were so busy. We had my Wadsworth grandparents in town staying at my house for a couple days, while we celebrated Justin's, Hailey's and Natalies Birthdays.
  • We got an offer on our house 11 days after listing it, and by day 12 we were under contract. YAY!
  • The next few weeks/the last few weeks have been a mess of a scurry to get out of the house. Packing, Yard saling, Painting, Hauling- the works.
  • We had our home inspection on the 19th- and passed with no problems. Thank Goodness!
  • We celebrated my Dad's birthday on the 26th. (We have a lot of September Birthday's)
  • Then I got to reminisce in the 'good ole life' of living back in Jensen when we went to the Jensen Ward Harvest party on the 28th. We got to have a "Squash Recipe Contest" - and contrary to what is running through your head right now- it was really good :D I loved it
  • From the 3rd- 7th of October, Justin, Eric and I flew to New Orleans, Louisiana to visit with Monty and Melanie. Monty has an apartment in Covington, just North of New Orleans, for work so we stayed with them and spent a few days being tourists. We got to visit a few places that had been featured in the area on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives (one of the only shows I watch on TV- Gotta love the Food network) and it was really good. I tried a variety of Southern food and was fairly proud of myself for eating:
    • Fried Green Tomatoes
    • Gritz
    • Blackened Alligator
    • Broiled Crab Claws
    • Gumbo
    • Bread Pudding
    • Beignet's (who doesn't love fried dough!!)
  • While we were there we got to take a tour of down town New Orleans on the city street cars- similar to the ones in San Francisco. I loved getting to see all the old French and Plantation style houses with their adorable shutters, big front porches and rocking chairs. We got to walk around the French Quarter and walk through the old stores and cafe's. We witnessed some people playing the some "Blue's" music and dancing in the street. We walked down half of Bourbon street. It's not too scandalous in the daylight. We also got to go on a Bayou/Alligator tour, then went into the city for dinner and a ride up the Mississippi River on one of the only remaining operational paddle boats left in the US. It was a beautiful afternoon. We spent one day in Ponchatoola (sp?) The antiquing capitol of the world. It was such great fun! I wish I would have taken a truck with me so I could've brought it all home. We had a great time shopping and trying to figure out how to fenangle our treasures in our suit cases in order to get them home. It was a fun trip.
  • When we got home, it was crunch time in order to be out of the house by the 12th. I'm so grateful for my amazing family and friends that came and helped us with {what seemed like} the never ending packing and cleaning. We made it out of the house, just in time around midnight on Friday and have been unloading into Jensen ever since.
  • I got to spend Saturday the 13th at the Chapel doing Super Saturday crafts with my mom. Trish came and hung out for a little while, and we made some super cute decorations for the upcoming holidays.

We are grateful to be staying with Justin's parents while we wait for our floor plans to come back from the Architect so we can start building! Hopefully they'll be here on Halloween like he told us they would. {fingers crossed} We have already purchased 4 of the 6 lots that we want in order to make our 5 acre parcel in Jensen, and couldn't be more delighted. It's been fun being so close to family and back in an area where the dogs can run and play and get dirty. A Dirty dog is a Happy dog.
In the mean time, Justin sold his Titan and bought a cheaper, more fuel efficient Toyota Tacoma- which he has been loving. Then flag football started and Justin got called to be a Stake Basketball Referee. This Friday I get to go shotgun shooting with the Completions Department from work for our team building activity. It's going to be entertaining- to say the least.
After our little activity, I get to join my parents, brother, and sister- and her family in SLC for the night to do some shopping and take Hailey and Natalie to the new movie at the IMAX at the Gateway. Should be really fun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Randomness to Beginning of August

We've been playing lots of Softball {Thus the softball outfit}

We're buying Property in Jensen. This property actually.

We're building a new house. {Dreaming of a kitchen like this!}

Still loving my Thailand pearls

Working around our house to get it perfect and ready to sell

This last weekend, we went on our Annual Dudley family Rafting trip and decided to camp for the weekend instead of just going for one day. It was great fun!
And a much needed get away. I was so ready to get the heck outta Dodge.
I love the Mountain. I would live up there if I could.

Lovin me some colors lately.

And that's a wrap.
I know it's been a long time, but I'm {vaguely} caught up.
I still can't believe it's August though! It seems like yesterday that I was getting on a plane to Thailand.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

Warren Family Reunion

This is what it looks like when the Cattle Guard parts as you're driving across it.



Thursday 19th. The Dogs found 3 Racoons in the Canal by our house on our walk. They got in a fight {of course} And one of them dragged Liddy down into the canal and was trying to drownd her. Justin was fishing, so I was super frustrated. Long story short- Liddy didn't die. The Racoons got beat, and the dogs were all super muddy and exhausted but we made it to bed about 1 1/2 hours later.

Friday 20th. Our once a month potluck at work. The theme was Red, White and Blue. So I did mini fruit pizzas with sugar cookies.
They were super delish!

Friday 20th. We babysat the little girls over night, and went up to Dyar Park to have dinner with the Dudley's. We did Dutch Oven Pizza and the little girls walked up the creek with bare feet. Then they ran around picking Snake grass bouquets.

Saturday 21st. I took the girls to McDonalds while Justin was at work. We did Happy Meals and played in the play place.

Saturday 21st. Then we went to the park and played with the beach ball. They weren't interested in going on the slide or in the swings at all. They just kicked the ball around for close to an hour, then they were ready to go home.

Saturday 21st. So we drove around for a few, and went home. We turned on some cartoons and konked out!

Sunday 22nd. Got to wear my new skirt to church!

Sunday 22nd. We went to Mammy and Pappy's for a big family dinner. Mont and his family were up from Arizona. I was sitting out back after dinner admiring Mammy's Hostas. They're so amazing! It makes me super jealous.

Sunday 22dn. Family Picture with all the Warren boys.

Monday 23rd. Pinterest found a new Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for me, so I just had to try it.

Monday 23rd. Cookie time.

Monday 23rd. It must've been new recipe night, because dinner was an experiment also. It turned out good though. Yumm.

I'm getting that urge. Fall. Build something. like this adorable wreath.

Wed. 25th. We went to Jensen and were having dinner at my parents house. The little girls were helping do chores and came and told us that one of Dad's three goats had her Kidd. He got the Lamoncha Ears like his daddy and is colored so pretty.

Wed. 25th. He was pretty cute, learning to walk.

Geology Tour 7/17-7/19

On the 17-19 Anadarko sponsored a Geology tour in our area for Anadarko employees, so we had people come in from the Denver office, and a few other places to tour the Greater Natural Buttes Unit. We had a great time and I learned a lot. I had never paid much attention before, but as you drive North on US 191, all of the Geological formations are marked on Geology signs, that tell you the name of the formation, what Era it's from and what that formation is most likely make of.
i.e. Squid, Lava, Ash, Sharks Teeth- etc.

My Friend Candice. She organized 80% of the trip and she did a great job!
Plus we have a super great time messing around learning together.

This is on the Sheep Creek road. There is an outcropping where two Mountainous formations collided, and I would never have noticed it before, but it really is amazing!

This is in front of a formation called the Birds Nest. This formation is one that we drill through for most of our wells here in the Buttes. I deal with the names of the formations and their depths, etc. everyday when I am working with the Procedures for Completing our wells, so it was neat to be able to go and actually see the different formations and rocks that they're talking about.

July 7th- July 16th

Saturday 7th. I was so glad to be back to the land of Flat Irons! Hallelujah.

Wednesday 11th. Lovin the pearls I brought home with me from Thailand.

Thursday 12th. Stopped and ate lunch at the park one day. So nice.

Thursday 12th. We got to go on a date to the movies!

Friday 13th. My Mom and Dad were babysitting Hailey and Natalie (It was Rodeo week and Tiffany had a booth on the court house lawn) so I met up with them and we all had Wendy's for dinner.
Friday 13th. They were a little bit hyper...so we ended up taking 5000 pictures on my phone to keep them entertained. Silly girls.
Sunday 15th. After Justin and Tyler got back from the Gorge, we all went to Jensen for dinner and took the kids down to the Green River to catch some Cat Fish.

Sunday 15th. They had a lot of fun and caught quite a few fish.

Sunday 15th. My dad even came down and fished with us for a little while. Everything we caught was super tiny, but the kids had fun reeling them in and grabbing them out of the water.

Sunday 15th. It rained on us at the River for about 5 minutes, and the clouds in front of the sun were super pretty!

Sunday 15th. Melanie and I traded Louis Vuitton's that we brought home from Thailand. Love it.

Monday 16th. YAY! For my tiny Garden. It's such a trooper!

Monday 16th. Super enjoying Home made French dips and fresh sqaush from the garden.